Reward Points Terms of Service

Beyond LIVE Reward Points Terms of Service

Article 1 (Members Using Rewards)

Members Using Rewards refers to a person who has accumulated Reward Points provided by our company and has become a member by agreeing to the Reward Points Terms of Service in order to use those Rewards Points.

Article 2 (Reward Points)

(1) Reward Points that can be earned by purchasing products or participating in promotions with an account that agrees to the Terms of Service.
(2) Reward Points are granted to each individual member and can only be used by the member themselves, and earned Reward Points cannot be converted into cash, transferred or sold to others.
(3) Even if you have multiple accounts, you cannot combine Reward Points into one account or transfer them, and Reward Points that have expired because of delete the account cannot be restored even if you sign in again.
(4) Earned Reward Points will be automatically expired if you withdraw from the Beyond LIVE service or if your membership is revoked due to a violation of the Beyond LIVE Service Terms of Service.

Article 3 (Accumulate)

(1) Our company may allow the member to accumulate Reward Points free of charge in accordance with our company's policy when the member uses Beyond LIVE services such as purchasing products or participating in promotions.
(2) Reward Points will only be gaved if purchased using the payment system within the Beyond LIVE service.
(3) Reward Points can be earned by purchasing products or participating in promotions. Reward Points cannot be earned if a product is canceled or refunded after purchase. If the payment have canceled, your Reward Points will be removed.
(4) In the event that a transaction exceeding a certain scale specified by our company is reasonably suspected to be a transaction for resale, earning Reward Points may be restricted or canceled, or in the event that Reward Points are earned unfairly or fraudulently; our company can remove this.

Article 4 (Expiration Date)

(1) Reward points earned by purchasing products are valid for 3 years, and the validity period will be applied from the date of earning Reward Points. Rewards will expire if not used within the validity period. The validity period of Reward Points earned by participating in a promotion may different depending on the promotion, and can be used within the period specified by our company.
(2) In the event that the use of Reward Points earned by the member is not possible or is significantly restricted despite the preceding paragraph, our company shall notify the member on the website in advance and extend the validity period of the reward after individually notifying.

Article 5 (Use)

(1) In the payment of online services and digital products provided by our company, members can use the Reward Points they have earned after logging in to the website.
(2) Reward Points that earned can be used to purchase online services and digital products provided by our company, but there may be restrictions on use in the event of service or product characteristics, related rights restrictions, or special circumstances.
(3) If the payment using Reward Points will be canceled, the Reward Points which you used will be returned.

Article 6 (Objection)

All objections related to the individual member's use results or Reward Points must be raised within 2 months from the date of the online performance or the date of earning the reward.

Article 7 (Others)

Details regarding the earning and use of Reward Points will be provided to users through related links, etc. on the Beyond LIVE website in accordance with the policies established by our company.

Article 8 (Change of system and the grace period)

The contents of the Reward Points system may be changed after being notified three months in advance due to the relevant laws and regulations are amended or abolished, significant changes in the business environment, such as a serious deterioration in the performance market, a serious failure in the online network, significant change in economic circumstances,or a rapid changes in demand for online performances, etc.. However, in the case of rewards earned by members before the effective date of the system change, the system before the change is applied until 12 months after the effective date of the system change, and the changed system is applied after that.

Supplementary Provisions

(1) This agreement will come into effect from August 22, 2023.