Privacy Policy

Beyond Live Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “BLC”) hereby establishes this privacy policy as stipulated below (hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”) on the services provided by BLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) in light of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Any personal information herein means any information directly identifying any person including its name, address, phone number and/or email address, etc., and/or any information easily identifying any person by collating any other information.

2. Purposes of Acquirement and Use of Personal Information

The User may be requested to provide BLC with any personal information in case of the User’s doing any account registration and/or being necessary for any provision of the Services. In addition, BLC will use any personal information of the User acquired for any of the following purposes, and, unless otherwise required in accordance with the rules and regulations, BLC will not provide such personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the User:
(1) To provide and improve quality of, the Services;
(2) To respond to any inquiry with respect to any product and/or service, etc.;
(3) To make a notification of any information on the Services and/or any other important information;
(4) To make any identity verification and/or authentication service;
(5) To do any marketing activity including any statistics, analysis and/or questionnaires, etc.;
(6) To making any charge of fees for use;
(7) To handle any dispute and/or litigation, etc.;
(8) To make a notification on sending of any gift and/or any event;
(9) To prevent any improper activity and/or possibly illegal act, and/or handle any defect and/or bug; or,
(10) Otherwise to meet any purpose stipulated in any product and/or service of BLC.
In addition, any acquired information will be forwarded and/or transferred to any server installed by BLC and be used in the scope of the above purposes.

3. Provision to Third Party

With respect to any duly acquirement, use and/or provision of any personal information, BLC will acquire any personal information in accordance with any lawful and fair method with clarifying the purpose of such acquirement. BLC will not treat any acquired personal information beyond the purposes of use. In addition, BLC will take any appropriate measure to prevent any use beyond the purposes of use. BLC will not provide any third party with any acquired personal information in any case other than the followings:
(1) In case the User itself consents to such third party provision;
(2) In case it is required in accordance with the laws and regulations;
(3) In case BLC installs any third party module into any application of the Services for smart phones in order to measure the effect of running advertisements for the purpose of paying to any advertising agency advertising fees of the Services with respect to any advertising posted in any third party media;
(4) In case there is any sufficient ground to determine that the User breaches any of the Terms of BLC, and BLC has no other alternative but to provide any personal information in order to protect any title, right, property, asset and/or services, etc. of BLC;
(5) In case it is necessary to protect any human life, body and/or fortune of any person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person;
(6) In case any court, police, administrative agency and/or other institution having any authority granted under any laws and regulations and/or ordinances requests to do so; or,
(7) In case the business of BLC including any personal information is succeeded in accordance with a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business and/or any other matter.

4. Safe Control of Personal Information

For protecting any personal information, BLC will conduct any appropriate control on any employee and/or outside contractor to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, crash, falsification and/or divulgation, etc.
Any acquired personal information may be forwarded and/or transferred to any outside contractor for the purpose of its services of delivery and/or statistical processing, etc. With respect to such outside contractors, BLC will select any outside contractor in accordance with any standards stipulated by BLC, and execute any agreement with such an outside contractor with respect to confidentiality and safe control, etc., and supervise such an outside contractor appropriately.

5. Acquirement of History Information

In the Services, there are some site pages that use any Cookie in order to control any log-in and/or acquire any statistical information for the purpose of improving services.
The User may reject any Cookie by changing the setting of any browser used. Please be informed that, in case of rejecting any Cookie, the User may be prohibited to use any part of the Services.
BLC will not acquire any information identifying the User by any Cookie.

6. Change of This Policy

For any law amendment, any change of details of BLC’s business and/or any request from any of the Users, etc., BLC may change and update all or part of this Policy without obtaining the User’s consent.
Provided, however, in case BLC determines as important change, BLC will notify the User thereof in a tangible manner in the Services.

7. Compliance with Rules and Regulations and Any Other Norms

For protecting any personal information, BLC will comply with laws and regulations related to its business, guidelines stipulated by the government and any other related norms, etc.

8. Disclaimer

BLC shall not be liable for all and any obligations and responsibilities with respect to any personal information leaked by the User itself via the Internet (including any use, etc. of emails, chats, boards, other community tools and/or unjust tools).

9. Information on Any Member Deleted

In case of deleting any account of the User in the Services, BLC will handle any personal information of the User appropriately in accordance with any related regulations and/or company rules.

10. Inquiries

If there is any unclear point with respect to this Policy, or there is any question or complaint on handling of any personal information in the Services, or any consultation is required on such handling, please contact to the following address:

Established on December 23, 2021.

Beyond Live Corporation