Beyond LIVE



[List of the 50 Winners]

* We would like to thank all those who applied for this event

★ Congratulations! You’ve been selected as one of the “50 Winners” for the Beyond LIVE – CRAVITY THE 1ST CONCERT [CENTER OF GRAVITY] Polaroid Event!

To ensure the event products are delivered to our fans around the world safely and accurately <Request to provide additional information>

We would like to inform the winners of this event has been selected fairly through random draw,

and only those who submitted accurate information as per notified has been applied to the event.

Congratulations once again for those who have been selected within the 50.

For those selected winners who want to receive this one and only picture of CRAVITY,

we would need to receive additional personal information.

Please follow the process until the end!

Even if you are on the list, if you do not respond to this additional information request,

the draw will be automatically canceled so please make sure to provide information

within the given period so that there is no disadvantage.

1. Timeline for Providing Additional Information>

April 19th 2022, 3PM ~ April 29th 2022, 3PM (KST)

Please visit the link below in the same way as

when you applied and check or fill in the information

correctly for questions.

We are not responsible for the return / loss

due to incorrect information

2. Expected delivery on event product

All products will be shipped on May 6th 2022 (FRI)

and the receiving schedule will vary depending on each mail / logistics status of each country.

<Information on shipping>