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[Announcement] Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday Ticket Present EVENT 12. May. 2023

We start gift promotion for person who buy both of “Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurina's Room~”, ”Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurisse's Party~”. 10 people can get a special prize!


May 12th, 2023~ 23:59 June 18th, 2023(JST)

How to participate

Purchase both of Beyond LIVE ticket, “Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurina's Room~”, ”Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurisse's Party~”

Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurina's Room~

Kawaguchi Yurina Birthday~Yurisse's Party~

Fill out the required information in EVENT application link below!

*There are no restrictions on application based on region/nationality of residence.

*You can only apply once.

*Those who cancel ticket purchase will not be eligible for the EVENT participation.

Winner Announcement Date

July 7th, 2023

Winner Announcement Site

Beyond LIVE notice (will be contacted individually through e-mail later)


A4 concert poster with autograph for 10 persons