Beyond LIVE


Information of Reward points Policy

<What is Rewards?>

You can earn it by purchasing or participating in promotions with an account that agrees to the Beyond LIVE Rewards Terms of Service.

If you use rewards when you purchase the performance ticket, VOD ticket, or digital products, the price will be discounted.

<Earning Rewards>

Rewards can be earned 1 point per ₩1,000, ¥100, or $1 of the product payment amount.

*It may vary depending on the product and promotion.

<Check of Rewards History>

After logging in to the account,you can check the information such as, Estimated Reward, Available Rewards, and Expiring Rewards in the “Rewards History” on the menu on upper-right corner.

Beyond LIVE reward points history sample image

★ Meaning of "Sort"

Earned : Rewards that a user erned

Estimated Rewards : Rewards that user will earn

Used : Rewards that a user used at the payment

Removed : Rewards that removed due to cancel of payment

Expired : Rewards that expired due to passed the expiration date

<Use of Rewards>

If you use rewards when you make a payment, 100 points will give you a discount of ₩1,000, ¥100, and $1 (based on the region you selected when registering to Beyond LIVE).

*It may vary slightly depending on the content of the product and the region.

Beyond LIVE reward points useing sample image

After selecting the product on the website, you can select the rewards you want to use by moving to the payment screen.

*Q&A of Rewards

Q:Can I earn rewards right after purchasing the product?

A:In case of performance ticket, you can earn rewards 8 days after the performance date, in case of VOD tickets and digital goods, you can earn rewards 8 days after the payment is approved.

* In some cases, there may be products that cannot earn rewards.

Q:Can I earn rewards if I authenticate my redeem code?

A:Redeem code purchased on other site is not supported for rewards.

Q:Is there a expiration date for rewards?

A:Rewards earned through product purchases are valid for 36 months.

In addition, the expiration date of rewards earned by participating in promotions may vary depends on promotion.

Q:What happens to my rewards if I delete my account?

A:All rewards will be expired and cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

 In addition, it cannot be transferred to another account, handed over, or converted into cash.

Q:Can I still earn rewards for past purchases?

A:Products purchased prior to the launch of the rewards service are not supported.