Beyond LIVE


Cautions when Paying with WeChat Pay

Please check the following for details when purchasing tickets for Beyond LIVE via WeChat Pay.

When you proceed with the payment with WeChat Pay, you will see a screen as described below.

Please do not forget to click the "Confirm" button on the screen to successfully complete the payment.

If you close the screen without clicking the "Confirm" button, the payment will not be approved and will not be completed, and the ticket will not be issued.

The ticket will not be updated if you close the payment window without clicking the "Confirm" button, if you close the payment window in the middle of payment, or if your card or account balance is insufficient.

In this case, a screen will temporarily appear as if the amount has been debited from the customer's account, but since the payment has not been properly approved, our system cannot confirm that the payment has been made. Therefore, it is impossible for us to cancel the payment.

We apologize for any inconvenience in resolving these settlements.

Please contact WeChat Pay directly to cancel and confirm the transactions that have not been approved.

WeChat Pay Customer Center +86 571 95017


如果你想用微信支付购买Beyond LIVE门票,请阅读下文。


请确保点击屏幕上显示的 "确认 “按钮以成功完成支付。

如果没有按 "确认 “按钮就关闭屏幕,则付款没有得到授权,仍然是不完整的,票据不能被授予。

如果支付没有成功完成,例如,如果没有按 "确认 “按钮就关闭了支付屏幕,如果在支付过程中关闭了支付屏幕,或者如果卡或账户余额不足,票据将不会被反映。

在这种情况下,屏幕上仍会暂时显示该金额已从客户的账户中扣除,但由于该付款未被成功授权,我们无法在系统中确认相关付款。 因此,我们不可能取消该付款。


WeChat Pay 客服 +86 571 95017