Beyond LIVE


How to purchase the ticket

※Please check the Notice for the ticket purchase period.

All digital products ( tickets, stamps, etc.)from the Beyond LIVE can purchase through PC website (web browser).
*Please note that you cannot purchase this product through the application.

<Click the concert page you want to watch>

<Click 'BUY HERE'>

<Click 'Purchase'>
*Please check the product description carefully before purchasing.

<If the purchase is successfully completed, you will receive a purchase completion e-mail>
Purchase status can also be checked in your purchase history.

*If you purchased a ticket on our Beyond LIVE website, the redeem code(Ticket Verification Code) will be automatically authenticated.
*Ticket codes will not be issued if you purchased through Beyond LIVE

<<Please Check>>
- The prices include VAT.
- All digital products in Beyond LIVE can not be refunded for any personal reasons.
- When purchasing tickets or stamps, please check the product description carefully before proceeding to payment.
- If you delete the social media account linked to your membership or deleted your Beyond LIVE account after acquiring the product, your history of purchased tickets, paid stamps, VOD products, etc. will be deleted at the same time and cannot be restored.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via our contact form.