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How to watch if you purchased tickets on Beyond LIVE

< Purchase tickets on Beyond LIVE website.>
How to purchase tickets

<Check the "Success" mark >

If you purchased a ticket on our Beyond LIVE website,
the redeem code(Ticket Verification Code) will be automatically authenticated.

Products for which ticket authentication has been completed will also be listed in MY Beyond

*If you have logged in with the account you purchased, but you do not see the "Success" message,
or if you cannot check from MY Beyond, please contact us.

<The "Enter" button will appear at the top of the concert details page 10 minutes before the concert starts>
Then you can click the button and enter the venue

*Only accounts that have completed ticket payment will be able to watch.

<<Please Check>>
-You must log in with the account from which you purchased the ticket to view it.
Please make sure you know which SNS account you used to log in to the account where you purchased the ticket.
-If you are viewing on two devices, please log in to both devices with the same account (the account from which you purchased the ticket).
-Activities such as sharing your Beyond LIVE account have a high risk of personal information leakage and misuse.
Beyond LIVE is not responsible for any damage caused by account sharing.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via our contact form.