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How to watch with 2 different device (Simultaneous Viewing)

If you log in to the account which has a success mark, up to 2 devices are available for viewing at the same time.

Re-Streaming can be viewed on two devices as well.
In this case, you can use a different device from the one used for the live performance.

<Log in to the account that shows SUCCSESS>
Click here for more information on how to authenticate your ticket.
・How to watch if you purchased tickets on Beyond LIVE
・How to watch if you purchased tickets on other site.

<If you don't have SUCCESS mark>

*Please be sure to log in to your account where you have purchased tickets or entered your Redeem Code and "SUCCESSS" is displayed.

*If you log in with an account that does not have "SUCCESS" displayed, you will not be able to watch the show because the ticket payment or redeem code has not been completed for that account. Please check your account again.

○Purchased through Beyond LIVE site
  First device : Log in to the account from which you purchased the ticket.
  Second device : Log in to the same account as the first device. *Redeem code is not required.

○Purchased through external ticket sites
  First device : Enter your Redeem code after logging in, and check your "SUCCESS" mark.
  Second device : Log in to the same account as the first device. *Redeem code is not required.

1) Watch on one PC and one mobile device
2) Watch on two mobile devices
3) Watch on two PC
4) Watch on one PC with two browser tabs open

*Each browser tab is recognized as one device, so you can have up to two browser tabs open at the same time.
*Please refer to the FAQ below for information on viewing on TVs and Smart TVs.
  Please understand that we are unable to answer questions regarding the availability of each device.
  Depending on the device, mirroring may be possible up to the main screen, but the main concert video may not be shown.

・How to watch Beyond LIVE via Chromecast
・How to watch Beyond LIVE via fire tv stick/SmartTV/cable
・How to watch Beyond LIVE via AirPlay

-Social networking accounts are not linked, so if you have multiple accounts, please make sure to use the correct account to log in.
-Activities such as sharing your Beyond LIVE account have a high risk of personal information leakage and misuse.
 Beyond LIVE is not responsible for any damage caused by account sharing.
-lending your account to a third party is prohibited as stated in Article 9 (Prohibited Matters of the User) of Terms of Service.