How to watch if you purchased tickets on other site. 30. Mar. 2022

If you purchased the ticket outside of the Beyond LIVE website, the ticket code will be issued by the ticket seller.

The ticket code number can be found on the *My Page of the site where the ticket was purchased. (*Words may differ from site to site.)

If it is not issued immediately after purchase, it will be issued according to the schedule specified by the selling site.

The date and time of ticket code issuance will be posted on the site where you purchase the tickets.

 **Beyond LIVE does not issue ticket codes to purchasers of external ticket sites.

Once you have received the ticket code, enter it on the performance page.

After entering the ticket code, if "Success " is displayed as shown in the image below, the ticket code has been successfully authenticated.

The "Enter" button will appear at the top of the concert details page.

You can click and enter the venue 10 minutes before the concert start.

Products for which ticket authentication has been completed will also be listed in MY Beyond, so please check it.

Once a ticket code has been entered, it cannot be used again.
For inquiries regarding ticket code numbers, please contact the site where you purchased your tickets directly.

Please understand that it is difficult for us to answer questions about products purchased outside the Beyond LIVE website.


-Beyond LIVE does not issue ticket codes, so please be sure to confirm your ticket number with the place of purchase.

-Ticket codes can only be registered to one account; one code cannot be shared between two accounts.

-Please do not disclose your ticket code before it has been used.

-If you cancel your membership after entering the code, your code verification status, purchase history, and information will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

-Please check again that the account is the one you wish to use before entering the code.

-Once you have entered the code, it cannot be cancelled.

-If you are viewing on two devices, please log in to both devices with the same account (the account from which you purchased the ticket).

-Activities such as sharing your Beyond LIVE account have a high risk of personal information leakage and misuse. Beyond LIVE is not responsible for any damage caused by account sharing.

-If you have any other questions, please log in and contact us at the 1:1 Contact page.