Beyond LIVE


Is it possible to transfer products purchased on V LIVE to the Beyond LIVE platform?

Beyond LIVE has provided a variety of content through the V LIVE platform, however since December 2021, Beyond LIVE has launched its own platform service.

As V LIVE and Beyond LIVE are operated by different corporations, products purchased on V LIVE cannot be transferred to Beyond LIVE.

Please check the relevant details below.

1. Purchase history on V LIVE

Items purchased on V LIVE (VOD, Fanlights, Sticker, and performance purchase history) can be used and viewed on only at V LIVE.

Please note that purchase history from V LIVE cannot be used or viewed on this Beyond LIVE platform.

2. Beyond LIVE VOD Service

Some content that is no longer available on V LIVE is available on Beyond LIVE platform.

Please access the VOD product page (web browser) to check.

3. Beyond LIVE products that have not yet been released on VOD

We are currently preparing to release a variety of new content, so please stay tuned.

Please note that some concerts may not be available on VOD due to rights issues.