What is the Beyond LIVE? 21. Dec. 2021

Beyond LIVE is an online performance platform that provides real-time viewing of concerts, fan meetings, showcases, and other events of artists affiliated with SM ENTERTAINMENT and JYP ENTERTAINMENT.

Beyond LIVE offers not only performances but also real-time chat, stamps, heart functions, Multi-View functions* for each member, and subtitles in 9 languages* so that fans around the world can enjoy the performances.

Beyond LIVE is available for registration, access, purchase and viewing* anywhere in the world.

We strive to create a place where artists and fans around the world can feel as close to each other as possible, even online, by providing real-time performances with a variety of features that make it difficult to visit the artists in person.


*Multi-View is not a feature that is provided for all performances. Please check the availability of Multi-View from the announcement of this performance guide or the detailed performance information.

*Supportive subtitles may be added to some performances.

*Most of the online performances or digital products offered by this service are fee-based and require payment.

Information on free performances or free products will be provided through Notice board and detailed information on each performance.

If you have any further questions, please use the inquiry form after sign in, or if you have not yet sign up, please contact us at cs@beyondlive.com