Beyond LIVE


What it the online concert?

Online performances are different from existing performances (concerts and fan meetings) in that they can be viewed from any location on a PC, smartphone, or tablet by streaming clear images, even if you cannot attend the performance in person.

Due to the spread of the new corona infection, online performances were born as a way to promote social distance and to communicate with fans and perform in situations where it is necessary to avoid crowding.

Beyond LIVE is an online performance platform that was created for this reason, providing artists' performances and allowing fans to not only stare at the screen, but also to chat with other fans during the performance and to view the performance from different angles(Multi-View).

For more information about the Beyond LIVE features, please see the following FAQ.

-What is the recommended system requirements for watching Beyond LIVE?

-What is a Multi-View?

-Multilingual subtitle

-Real-time chat service


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