How can I use subtitle service?

Beyond LIVE offers subtitles for nine languages (Korean, Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese subtitles) so that fans around the world can understand and enjoy the artists' conversation and stage performances.
Subtitles are free of charge.
*For Re-Streaming, only English subtitle is provided.

<Enter from the performance details page>
For VOD products, press the play button.

Only accounts marked "SUCCESS" or accounts that have completed payment can be viewed.

Click here for more information on how to authenticate your ticket.
・How to watch if you purchased tickets on Beyond LIVE
・How to watch if you purchased tickets on other site.

<Click on "Subtitle" in the corner of the viewing screen.>
"CC" will be displayed for the application.

<Select the language you wish to use>
-Supported Subtitles may be different depending on the performance and VOD.
-If you wish to use subtitles, please check before purchasing tickets.

- Please check the information page of each products for the supported subtitle languages.