What is the recommended system requirements for watching Beyond LIVE?

The following environment is recommended for smooth viewing of the real-time performances and VOD provided by Beyond LIVE. If you are using a device with an OS version lower than the recommended environment or a PC, video playback and streaming may not be smooth.


●Recommended OS

Mac OS (10.12 or higher), Windows (7 or higher)

●Recommended browser

Chrome (70 or higher), Safari (13.1.2 or higher), Firefox (39 or higher), Edge (42 or higher)

Smartphones, Tablet

●Recommended OS

iOS (13.6 or higher), Android OS (8 or higher)

●Recommended browser

iOS: Safari (latest version), Android: Chrome (latest version)


●iOS: latest version, Android: latest version


※A minimum Internet speed of 20Mbps is recommended. The connection may be interrupted even at 20Mbps or more on shared networks.

※On iOS 15.0, streaming video may not play smoothly due to Safari characteristics. If you are using the version in question, please update to the latest version.

※We recommend closing all other applications during the concert or VOD viewing for stable video streaming.