What is the recommended system requirements for watching Beyond LIVE? 21. Dec. 2021

The following environment is recommended for smooth viewing of the real-time performances and VOD provided by Beyond LIVE.

●Recommended environment when using a browser

 We recommend Chrome 70 or higher, Safari 13.1.2, Firefox 39 or higher, Edge 42 or higher.

●Recommended environment for using mobile apps

 We recommend iOS 13.0 or higher, Android OS 8.0 or higher.

*In iOS 15.0, there is a problem with streaming video resulting from a bug in Safari.

  If you are using the version in question, please update to the latest version.

If you are using a device with an OS version lower than the recommended environment or a PC, video playback and streaming may not be smooth.

If you experience any inconvenience in streaming while watching the performance, please check the OS version you are using first.

If you have any further questions, please use the inquiry form  after sign in, or if you have not yet sign up, please contact us at cs@beyondlive.com