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Beyond VOD - TVXQ! : Beyond the T
Age restriction
Video Length
Types of providing VOD
Supported languages
한국어, 日本語, English, 简体中文, 繁體中文
Synopsis of VOD
The performance proved the attractiveness of online-only concerts by showing high-level AR technology along with a performance by the king of K-POP, TVXQ!.
The types of VOD
Supported languages
한국어, 日本語, English, 简体中文, 繁體中文
The types of providing subtitles
Video quality
Up to 1080p
Age restriction
  • Korea : Safe for all ages
  • Japan : G
  • Global : G
Video Length
Set list
  • 1. 주문(MIROTIC)
  • 2. 운명(The Chance of Love)
  • 3. 이것만은 알고 가(Before U Go)
  • 4. Truth
  • 5. Android (JPN)
  • 6. Trigger (JPN)
  • 7. 明日は來るから(내일은 오니까)(JPN)
  • 8. U-Know-Follow
  • 9. MAX-Chocolate
  • 10. 항상 곁에 있을게
  • 11. 꿈
  • 12. MAXIMUM
  • 13. 왜(Keep your head down)
  • 14. Rising Sun(순수)
Screens you can watch on at the same time
Only one device is allowed. (Simultaneous connecting is not available)
System Requirements
PC Web/Tablet/Mobile Web
Chrome 70+ / Safari 13.1.2 / Firefox 39+/ Edge42+
Additional information
If a minor makes a purchase without the consent of a legal representative, the purchase can be canceled.


※ Beyond LIVE's Exclusive digital products are non-refundable.


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